Scout Advancement

Advancement Practices

Advancement Practices Scout Through Life Ranks You advance through the ranks from Scout through Life by completing the requirements for each rank, as specified in your Boy Scout Handbook. Completion of each requirement is indicated by having it signed off in your Scout Handbook. Once all the requirements for a rank are signed off you have a Scoutmaster Conference, and then a Board of Review. If you have questions about Advancement, you may contact Christi Yokoyama. 
Signing Off On Requirements •Requirements must be signed off by the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster. The person signing must both understand the requirement and have personally witnessed your accomplishment. •Both Second Class and First Class have a requirement for participation in a certain number of Troop or Patrol activities. These requirements can only be signed off by the adult FCE Coordinator, or another adult leader approved by the coordinator. •The requirement for demonstrating Scout Spirit can only be signed off by the Scoutmaster. (He'll only sign if he believes that you live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.) He'll do this during your Scoutmaster Conference. •Your parent cannot sign off on any requirement. •Items must be dated and initialed in your Scout handbook by the person who is signing it. 
Scoutmaster Conference •When all requirements for a rank are completed (other than Scout Sprit, Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review) you must bring your Scout Handbook to the Advancement Chair-person, who will review your handbook and give you a Personal History Report and advise the Scoutmaster the report has been delivered to you. Receipt of the report is the Scouts authorization for his Scoutmaster Conference. •You then contact the Scoutmaster to arrange a time for a Scoutmaster Conference. (These take place monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at Serra Catholic School.) •Second Class and above must wear your complete and correct Class A uniform to the Scoutmaster Conference! Neatness counts! •If you meet his standards, the Scoutmaster or his designated ASM will sign off in your Scout Handbook for the Scout Spirit and Scoutmaster Conference requirements, and will initial and date your Personal History Report. NOTE: If the Scoutmaster at the Scoutmaster's Conference feels the Scout is not ready to advance, or the Board of Review does not unanimously feel that the Scout is ready to advance, the Scout is congratulated for his achievements and is alerted to his weak points. He is then coached on how to improve and rescheduled to meet with the Scoutmaster or the Board of Review. Because the Board of Review is a review of the program, the Advancement Chair should notify the Committee Chairman and the Scoutmaster of any problems that surface. 
Board of Review•Once you have passed your Scoutmaster Conference, take Personal History Report back to the Advancement Chairperson, who will work with you to schedule a Board of Review. (Second Class though Life only -- a Board of Review is not needed to achieve the rank of Scout). Boards of Review are held the third Tuesday of each month in conjunction with the PLC Meeting, by appointment only. Prior to your Board of Review the Advancement Chair will provide you with a Board of Review sign off sheet. •Wear your complete and correct Class A uniform to the board of review. Remember, neatness counts!! •A Board of Review is a meeting with a group of at least three members of the Troop Committee and/or a Scout that is at least 3 ranks above your sign off rank. (The Troop Committee is a subset of the adult leaders.) Your review is not a test, it is an opportunity for you and the troop committee to discuss your advancement progress, your plans and goals, any issues you have with the troop and it's members, any suggestions you have for improvements. It provides a way for you to influence the direction of the troop outside of the normal patrol and troop environment. The meeting can last 15-20 minutes or more. •At the end of your Board of Review the adults will initial your Scout Handbook and the sign off sheet. You've completed your Rank advancement! •Take the sign off sheet back to the Advancement Chairman, who will update the Troop's advancement records and arrange the awarding of your rank insignia. •Please be advised that only ONE rank advancement can be requested in one month. Make sure your parent can volunteer the whole hour of BOR before you request the BOR unless you are an Eagle Scout and you can stay the whole time to help. •Please finish the following before you request an appointment for a Board of Review: 1. Have done SM conference 2. Have emailed our Advancement Chair to update all the records for the rank you're requesting. If you haven't done that, our Advancement Chair won't be able to provide your BOR paper. When you email to schedule an appointment, you need to provide the following information: 1. Date of SM conference or the scheduled SM conference time. 2. Date of the email sent to our Advancement Chair about your records 3. Rank you're requesting 
Eagle Ranks In addition to the practices of Troop 818, advancement procedures for Eagle are set by the District, Council, and Boy Scout National Office. The details of these procedures change occasionally, the current regulations can be found Once you've earned Life rank you should talk to the adult Eagle Advisor in our Troop. They can explain the current Eagle advancement procedures.
Merit Badge Beginning Work on a Badge Normally, before beginning work on a merit badge you must: •Get a three-part merit badge card ("blue card") and fill out your personal information and the name of the badge you want to earn. You'll find blank blue cards available at most meetings, or you can get them from the Advancement Chair-person. •Fill in your name and the name of the badge you want to earn on the card. •Have the troop Scoutmaster sign in 2 of the 3 places where indicated for "Unit Leader". •Visit the troop website to obtain the name of an officially registered Merit Badge Counselor for the badge if you do not find one on the Troop 818 website contact the Advancement Chair for assistance. •Talk to the Counselor so that you understand what they will want to see as proof that you have completed the requirements of the badge. 
Completing A Badge •Once you've completed all the requirements for a badge to their satisfaction, the Merit Badge Counselor will sign the blue card in two places and tear off one piece for their records. •You must then bring the "Application For Merit Badge" portion of the card, along with your Scout Handbook, to the Advancement Chairman so he can properly record the completed badge and arrange for it to be awarded to you at the next Court of Honor. •Keep the "Applicant's Record" portion of the blue card in a safe place! Occasionally a question will come up about when a Scout earned a specific badge. (This can happen when your Eagle application is being reviewed.) The Advancement Record is what you'll need to prove you earned the badge. Many Scouts keep all of their advancement records in plastic pocket pages in their Troop 818 binder.